• LEAP is a link between the public school and the community.

  • It is student-centered. Objectives and goals for each student are individualized.

  • While part of the learning process is in the classroom, a major component of the program is community-based.

  • Students engage in work, volunteerism, and internships.

  • It involves community activities such as MBTA commuting, food shopping, and utilizing resources like post office, bank, supermarket, and city hall.

  • When a student decides to partake in a relevant course in an external facility like a community college, LEAP personnel may act as liaisons.


  • Aged 18-22 years

  • Post-high school students

  • Looking to expand skills to live responsibly, healthily, and with increased independence in the community

  • Looking to learn to connect to local resources and increase their participation in the community

  • Using LEAP as a transitionary vehicle from school to next steps

  • Might still be working to pass MCAS

  • Might be taking an external course with LEAP personnel acting as liaisons.

  • May have the following:

    • Developmental delay

    • Emotional challenge

    • Intellectual challenge

    • Communication challenge

    • Autism

  • A pre-assessment will be completed to determine current skills.

  • A Learning Style Inventory will be completed.

  • Goals will be defined.

  • Ongoing assessments will be done to evaluate results and make changes as necessary.



LEAP Major Areas of Skills Training include:

  1. Self-Care Skills

  2. Health and Safety Skills

  3. Financial Management

  4. Communication and Social Skills

  5. Recreation and Leisure Skills

  6. Community Integration & Travel Skills

  7. Apartment Living Skills

  8. Job Preparedness Skills


LEAP is geared to promote RICHES:

  1. Responsibility

  2. Independence

  3. Community Integration

  4. Healthy Living

  5. Education that is Individualized and Student-Centered

  6. Skills to transition smoothly to adulthood: Life, safety, work, communication, social, leisure, financial, and time management




Contact LEAP

30 Common Street, Watertown, MA 02472 Raymond.Fox@watertown.k12.ma.us  |  (617) 926 - 7766


The Learning Extended Adult Program (LEAP) is a Watertown Public Schools program for post-high school students aged 18 to 22 who are making the transition from school to adult living through targeting specific life- and work-related skills to maximize independence for the future.


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